Justin Gallegos, the first athlete with cerebral palsy to sign with Nike.

I recently saw this video below and it brought my wife and I to inspirational tears. If you’ve not seen it, then get a few tissues before watching! I also encourage you to watch this with someone you love and even consider sharing this with your team(s) at work.

The video is about Justin Gallegos, a runner at the University of Oregon, who is the first athlete with cerebral palsy to sign with Nike. This past weekend, the company surprised him with life-changing news.

Justin’s story is beyond inspiring. It’s a testimony to remind all of us that living a dream IS possible.

For a lot of people though, unfortunately, they don’t think that living a dream is possible. It’s not realistic or just not possible. Their circumstances aren’t ideal enough. Time is limited. Finances might be tight. No free time.

Folks, let Justin’s story remind (and show!) you that living a dream is possible. Let adversity motivate you TO DREAM. Let your vision of the future be your motivator.

Living your dream is possible. In fact, your dream is waiting for you to decide you want it bad enough to manifest it!

Make strides toward your dream today. Justin’s living proof. I’m living proof. You’re living proof.


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