Tom Brady’s advice on the “Haters”

Whether you love football, and regardless of your feelings toward Tom Brady, this short video should make your heart smile…

This Sunday, the New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII. In a light-hearted interview with a young fan, Patriot’s quarterback Brady is asked how he deals with the “haters.”

Tom Brady’s response is such a class act that I wanted to spread the ripple with you … imagine the impact this world would have if we all did what Brady recommends.

The world seems full of negative, divisive energy right now. It’s exhausting.

There’s fakeness, prejudice, sadness, anger, apathy, and hatred.

The good news is that we can combat all that when we follow Brady’s advice, and simply love the haters, our haters, any haters.

Love them back because we don’t hate back.

Love them back because … well, just because.

There’s real need out there right now.

The world needs you, us, right now … to lead.

Lead by loving any haters.

It’s easy to do. It’ll make your heart smile because you know you did the right thing.

It might actually make their heart smile too.

And that’s impact. Influence. Leadership. You.

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