Creating Your Audiobook: 3-Part Series

If you’ve ever thought about creating an audiobook, then “this blog’s for you.”

If you’re already a published author but don’t yet have your book in audiobook format, then you’re missing out on the majority of book consumers – the majority of which are now in audiobooks and e-books … hence “this blog’s for you.”

And if you’re a speaker or desire to become a professional speaker, then having an audiobook will ultimately end up being a significant contribution to your speaking business … “this blog’s for you.”

When I started writing a blog about how to create an audiobook, I intended for it to be just one short article.

I didn’t expect it to grow into a massive 3-part series that would take me about 5 hours to write in total. I tend to get consumed when I’m doing something I’m passionate about.

Writing a book and converting it to an audiobook should NOT be that difficult “if” you follow tips and guidance from people who have paved the way before you. I’m here to help. Once you review this 3-part series, reach out to explore how to make your audiobook a reality!




Even if you have no current interest in publishing a book or creating an audiobook, I’d keep these links for future reference. You won’t need them until you need them!

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