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Think Differently is Kevin’s best-selling inspirational and leadership book. It’s filled with motivational stories and powerful lessons that will condition your mind for success and higher performance. You’ll become more passionate, focused and resilient just by reading! What you think about you will bring about.

Kevin offers this book to be customized for your organization when ordered in bulk. The inside front page will have your logo and a welcome message included! Inquire.


How To Become A Professional Speaker

How to Become a Professional Speaker: PAID to SPEAK will walk you through the process of becoming a professional speaker. Written in 5 coaching modules as a workbook, you will learn exactly where to start and how to get PAID! BONUS chapter: How to Write a Book in 90 Days!


Empower Your Employees!

Co-written with Dr. Brown, Empower Your Employees is an excellent train-the-trainer guide with activities designed to help you empower your team members during meetings, retreats and workshops. Dr.’s Snyder and Brown facilitate these exercises for groups all over the country and are showing you how to do the same!



How To Write A BOOK in 90 days!

Fulfill your writing dream and become a published author! Learn how by downloading your FREE copy of How to Write a Book in 90 Days! This 35-page report shares immediate and practical, action items and tips to get you from start to finish. It’s FREE! Just click the button below and you’ll be directed to Write Way Publishing Company. Subscribe to their newsletter and this report will be emailed to you.



Kevin’s Instrumental CD

Kevin has been playing piano for over 25 years. What began as a ‘Mothers Day gift idea’ evolved into a studio recording capturing some of his most passionately written piano pieces. Think Differently Audio CD is comprised of Kevin’s own instrumental piano compositions.