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Motivational presentations that blend

humor, engagement and relevant leadership content


Motivational presentations that blend

humor, engagement and relevant leadership content

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Interactive workshops are designed to go much more in depth where conversation and engagement can be maximized. Conference breakout sessions, manager/team trainings, and various professional development activities are all ideal workshop scenarios.
Sample titles below:

High Performance Communication

Have you ever been frustrated by someone who didn’t communicate well? What would your organization look like if everyone communicated more effectively? With experience speaking to over 1,150 organizations and consulting professionals all over the world, Dr. Snyder has designed an interactive workshop that will demonstrate how your organization and/or team can enhance their communication skills and increase performance. Participants will leave with a significantly heightened awareness of their own communication style, how it’s perceived by others and how it impacts both their success and the entire organization.

60-90 minutes


Present and Inspire!

This workshop is a nuts n’ bolts training session on how anyone can powerfully improve their public speaking and presentation skills. What Dr. Snyder learned in over 14 years of speaking will be taught to you and your group within just a few short minutes. You will not only learn incredibly powerful presentation skills, but also how to outline an incredibly powerful presentation, how to engage the audience, how to design any audio visual elements and much, much more! If presenting to audiences is a component of your profession, this workshop is a no-brainer demonstrating what you can do immediately to present and inspire!

60-90 minutes


Empower Your Employees – Teambuilding 4.0!

Based off Dr. Snyder’s popular book, Empower Your Employees, this teambuilding workshop pulls in several of his most popular activities and exercises that will empower, inspire and equip attendees to be more motivated strategic and successful. This workshop can be designed for staff, higher-level managers and/or a combination of them both! Participants will experience engagement like never before with fellow team members and leave with a renewed sense of empowerment to apply the skills they learned in this workshop to perform more efficiently and passionately!

Ideal for ½ – full day training


Millennials: The New Generation

A new generation of professionals has emerged and officially become the majority workforce demographic. This population known as Generation Y, or Millennials, is changing how organizational leaders foster a culture that attracts, develops, retains, and engages cross-generational employees. In this interactive workshop tailored for both Millennial and non-Millennial audience participants, we’ll have an enlightening conversation that outlines empowering best practices, ‘next practices,’ and tangible take-a-ways on how both managers and employees can leverage unique generational mentalities and expectations.

60-90 minute ideal


The DOT: A new way of leveraging strengths

Each person possesses unique strengths and skill sets ideal for any situation. The challenge is understanding how to identify and leverage those strengths in that moment. The solution to this problem is understanding “The DOT,” a parable story sharing a new approach at personality style that will teach us how to identify and leverage strengths like never before. The story of “Dot” will teach you principles to more effectively engage others, identify their hidden talent and how to leverage their strengths in any situation.

60-90 minute ideal


Emcee / Host / Auctioneer

As a seasoned professional speaker, Dr. Snyder can also emcee events ranging from corporate conferences to charity events. He knows how to engage the audience and raise the room energy level to maximize the results you desire. He has been an auctioneer for charity events such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society where he helped to raise more money than ever before. Contact Kevin today to learn more about how he can make your event more engaging, fun and memorable!