Kevin Snyder is one of the nation’s most engaging professional youth speakers for students and educators. He created “Empower YOUth!” leadership presentations because he wants to ensure every student, educator and parent always has a dream and feels motivated to make a difference. In his entertaining and fun-filled programs, he integrates music, high-energy interaction, captivating videos and inspiring content.

As someone who was bullied as a teenager, suffered from depression, battled an eating disorder, was arrested, struggled academically and became a near school dropout on multiple occasions, Kevin’s uplifting messages captivate and connect to audiences at all levels. Presentations incorporate a variety of topics based on your needs and are ideal for students, educators and parents! Talk with him about what you’re looking for.


Consider an “Empower YOUth!” presentation for your:

  • School assembly
  • Leadership academy
  • Staff development day
  • District seminar/event
  • Student/educator leadership conference
  • Teacher in-service training/workshop
  • Welcome back/appreciation event
  • Student/Educator orientation activity
  • Convocation
  • Retreat

Kevin can customize his presentations to include any of the following topics below:

  • Leadership & goal setting
  • Bully prevention
  • Bystander behavior
  • Career/Life aspirations
  • Classroom engagement
  • Change/conflict resolution
  • Millennials/Gen I
  • Academic success/Study habits
  • First-generation success
  • Effective communication
  • Character education/Ethics
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Dropout prevention
  • Stress & time management
  • Accountability/Responsibility
  • Teamwork & collaboration
  • Self-efficacy & esteem
  • College readiness
  • Suicide prevention
  • Positive relationships

“THANK YOU again for coming to our school! Hearing how you battled adversity to live a dream has inspired me to do the same. You motivated so many of us to ‘think differently’ and reach for the stars. Your music, stories were amazing and inspirational!”

~ Sarah M., Student, Eagle River High School

“Kevin is an extremely dynamic and motivational speaker who actively keeps his audience engaged. He facilitated a superb keynote presentation for our district personnel and teachers.”

~ Peromnia Grant, Asst. Superintendent, Volusia County Schools


Whether you are seeking a speaker for your school, district or conference, consider utilizing Dr. Kevin Snyder all day! Book him with another school, utilize him for multiple breakouts at a conference, take advantage of him being available all day long for your district, etc.!


Sample formats!

Sample presentation titles below can be tailored for students,
teachers, staff and even parents!


You can only live a dream if you have one first! This presentation shows how it’s possible for anyone, from any age and background, to dream bigger than ever before and achieve their vision. Participants will be taught top leadership principles and how they can enthusiastically apply those concepts within themselves and others. If you’re looking for a high-energy empowerment presentation that will ignite laughter and enthusiasm, then you’ve found it! Participants will not only identify their inner strengths and passions, but also discover how they can take action toward their dream and swiftly persist through challenging adversity.

Ideal for students, teachers, district staff and parents!


Start Smart & Finish Strong

It’s tough when we deal with setbacks in life. There are times when we all want to give up or when we begin to doubt ourselves. These are the moments when we cannot give up, when we need to develop grit, press onward and break through the adversity we are facing. We have incredibly more control than we realize when we become aware that how we handle adversity is a choice – and the only choice that matters. In this ‘interactively FUN’ presentation, participants will learn several key ingredients that, when combined, are the success recipe for becoming UNSTOPPABLE in school, in leadership and in life. Participants will feel empowered about developing an intentional action plan resulting in a resilient mindset that ensures they reach their highest potential!

Ideal for students


How to View Change as a Catalyst for Innovation and Growth

Scientist Charles Darwin had it correct when he stated, “The species who survive are those who best adapt to change.” Neither individuals nor organizations can grow without change, so why then do most of us not welcome change … and some even fear it? In this engaging and entertaining presentation based on Dr. Snyder’s best-selling book “Think Differently,” we’ll discover concepts and strategies that will help us get out of our comfort zone to not only view change positively but also as a catalyst for dynamic growth! All success begins with belief and positive beliefs lead to positive actions. A guarantee is that participants will think differently about change, be prepared to grow their comfort zone and leave feeling empowered to innovate and ride waves of change!

Ideal for teachers and district staff


The Makeup of an Extraordinary Leader

Have you ever wondered how some people and organizations achieve amazing success? What do they do differently to obtain extraordinary results? The answer: they follow a process. Contrary to mainstream thought, achievement doesn’t just happen – it’s not an accident. This presentation will share the amazing stories, leadership secrets and strategies from extraordinary leaders! The clues shared in this presentation will transform your leadership style and ability to maximize your success immediately. You will leave this presentation with a deeper understanding of Leadership DNA and what ACTIONS are truly most important to maximize any dream or goal!

Ideal for students, teachers and district staff

Engaging the Next Classroom:

Understanding Millennials and Gen i!

2015 was a pinnacle year where the Millennials officially became the majority demographic population … and Gen i follows close behind. These two generations comprise our students and children, each carrying unique generational characteristics that can be challenging to comprehend, relate and teach. Understanding how these generational differences impact student engagement, development and education is essential for our future generations. Superintendents, principals, teachers, district personnel and parents – being Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers or older Millennials themselves – must know how to embrace the needs and perspectives of the Millennials and Gen i’s. In this interactive presentation tailored specifically for educators, district personnel and parents, you will learn fascinating best practices, ‘next practices,’ and tangible take-a-ways showing how to leverage unique generational mentalities and expectations. You will understand how the arrival of the most hyper-connected, civic-minded and tech-savvy generation has impacted student development and success.

Ideal for teachers, district staff and parents