Never has there been a more important time for effective leadership.

And not just providing leadership for others, but providing for ourselves and our families.



Future growth is determined by what we do NOW!

We can't expect any new growth in the future if we're not planting seeds now.

Friends, is there an area in your life or


Recently, The Price is Right marked their 50th anniversary!

Since I was one of those fortunate few who met Bob Barker on stage and was on The Price is Right, I felt a bit "called" to share my story and how it chan


In 2020, "Nightbirde" was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live.  Her husband left two weeks later.

“We are so much more than any bad things that can happy to us though,” she said.

Humbled and excited to be selected as a TEDx speaker for TEDxCapeMay on October 24.

In my talk, "Giving Pain Purpose," I share my story about battling depression and an eating disorder when I was 12 years old.

I've been getting so many questions about my home virtual studio set up that I put together this short walk-through video.

I explain everything and walk you through backdrop, sound, lighting, cameras and even take you beh


How do we build high performing leaders, teams and organizations?

How do we empower people to think beyond where they're at?

How do we inspire innovative, resilient cult


So maybe 2021 didn't start the way most of us had hoped.  Things got a little crazy from the start didn't they?

Well, that's in the past.  Success doesn't exist in a rear-view mirror.  Focus forward. 


While we often hear the holiday season “is the most wonderful time of the year,” it doesn’t always bring peace and joy to all. 

In fact, holidays can be extremely overwhelming and exhausting.  And whether o


I hope you'll join me on Wednesday, December 9th for a very special Holiday Social. The event is FREE -- Read More

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