How winning on The Price is Right changed my life

Recently, The Price is Right marked their 50th anniversary!

Since I was one of those fortunate few who met Bob Barker on stage and was on The Price is Right, I felt a bit “called” to share my story and how it changed my life.

(Below is summary of “I Lived My Dream” – a chapter from my book Think Differently to Achieve Success which gives you the full story of how I lived my dream of being on The Price is Right and meeting Bob Barker. You can download a free copy of my book on my website — I’m honored that it is an Amazon best-seller!)

Growing up, I was obsessed with The Price is Right game show.

You too?

Mom and I watched the show every single day while having lunch. We’d vicariously play along with the show and find ourselves screaming at the television when one of the contestants made a silly bid.

And when Mom and I went to the grocery store together, she’d be shopping for groceries while I was … well, I was price checking all the items!

What teenager knows the price of Metamucil and Preparation H? I did! $6.95 🙂

When you want to be good at something, you practice. If you want to be great at something, you practice even more.

I told my Mom one day that my dream was to meet Bob Barker and be on The Price is Right.

She paused and then looked at my quite funny. I’m sure she was wondering what she did wrong as a parent 🙂

When I went to college, I scheduled my classes around The Price Is Right. I never had a college course at 11:00am. Don’t judge.

And when I wrote my very first college paper in English 101 about The Price is Right, my teacher (Dr. Lavonne Adams) asked me to stay after class. Sitting down in front of her, she looked at me with concerned eyes.

Kevin, in all my years of teaching, this is one of the best papers I have ever read … but you’re obsessed with this show. You need help!” Then she smiled.

When Dr. Adams told me I was really good at writing, guess what I started to believe? (That I was really good at writing).

Because of Dr. Adams, I worked even harder at my writing and I got even better at it. She inspired me to write my first book and I recognized her in my dedication.

Lesson earned: If you truly want to motivate someone, identify and acknowledge something they are really good at. Tell them and then watch what happens.

The following year I attended a leadership conference and instantly connected with this guy named Chris. I would find out later in the day during an icebreaker that Chris was recently on The Price is Right! Chris shared all the tips and tricks to get selected as a contestant.

The “how” of my dream became visibly clear now … 10 years after setting the goal of being on The Price is Right.

In short, I followed Chris’ advice and ordered show tickets. The only ticket they had left was the same date as my college graduation. So I had a choice … (1) go to my college graduation or (2) skip graduation to go out to TPIR. What would you do?

I skipped my college graduation (!) to drive across country from North Carolina to California to meet up with Chris and get his help to get selected on Contestants Row. Three days and 3,551 miles one way.

Unfortunately though, when we arrived to the CBS Television Studios parking lot, the gate was locked. The parking lot was empty. (Envision Clark Griswald going to Wally World only to find out it is closed!)

Bob Barker was sick with laryngitis that day … the show was canceled. Whahahaaattttt????!!!

I was devastated. I cried. I had to be escorted off property.

Driving back to North Carolina was a l-o-n-g- and lonely trip. I felt stupid and humiliated for pursuing the dream that everyone else told me was crazy and silly. I started to agree with them. I also started to agree with my own inside voice telling me my dream would never happen.

But when I got home and pulled in the driveway, another voice took over. It was if my own changed the station is was listening to — from Negative Hits 95.7 to Positive Rock 105.1. Seriously.

Remembering my dream, and realizing that persistence through adversity is the secret of winners, I went upstairs and ordered tickets one more time. I also committed and purchased a flight (I had hardly any $$$ at the time but I didn’t let that stop me – thanks to Mom’s credit card).

3 months later I fly from Raleigh, NC to Los Angeles, CA airport. Chris picks me up and we immediately head toward the CBS Television Studios parking lot. This time the gate was … OPEN!!

We wait in line for 8 hours, becoming even more excited after each minute. Then finally, they let us into the studio. And here’s what happens next …

Yes, I lived my dream of being on The Price is Right and meeting Bob Barker. At just 22 years old, I lived a dream.

What’s your Price is Right? What’s your dream?

What The Price is Right taught me is that we’ve never too young or too old to live a dream.

Why is it that the wiser we become and the more experienced we are, the more creative we are with reasons why we can’t pursue what we’re passionate about? Why do so many people allow circumstances to convince them they can’t pursue their dream?

I believe there are 2 types of dreams; the ones we have when we’re sleeping and the ones we make when we’re awake.

Which would you prefer?

What advice would you give to a young child about pursuing their dream? Give them encouragement to act on it or would you give them reasons why they shouldn’t?

I don’t believe in coincidences and I don’t believe you had read this far by chance. There is a Price is Right experience in YOU waiting to be unleashed. Perhaps you are pursuing it right now. Perhaps you’re questioning it. Or perhaps you’re not sure.

Your dream is waiting for you even if you’re not sure what it is or whether it’s been a dormant seed only in your mind the past few years.

That’s all OK — but what you decide to do next matters most.

It’s impossible to live a dream you don’t have. Dream BIG …

If you’re dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not BIG enough. If you know exactly how you’ll achieve your dream, it’s not BIG enough. And if no one has ever told you that your dream sounds crazy, it’s not BIG enough.

I find it fascinating how my dream of being on The Price is Right (and meeting Bob Barker) connected to me and opened up doors for me to my next dream … professional motivational speaking.

Who would have thought? Certainly not my first boss. That person told me I was horrible at speaking – and I believed them for several years. They were the opposite of Dr. Lavonne Adams.

Point is … it IS possible to live you dream.

Because I’m living proof.

… and remember to help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.

To contact me about delivering one of my motivational leadership programs to your team or organization, tell me about your event here — click here.

You can also click here to download my Speaker Packet and watch my demo video below! Take care.

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