Seeking a dynamic keynote speaker for your upcoming event that knows how to set a high energy tone, engage your audience and leave them inspired with customized, actionable takeaways? Or perhaps you’re needing something special for your front-line employees, your managers, and/or your senior level directors that will empower them to look at change differently, develop a growth mindset and envision new possibility like never before?

Dr. Kevin Snyder has keynoted over 1,150 leadership programs in all 50 states and numerous countries. Read below to view a sample of Kevin’s presentation titles that be delivered as large audience keynotes and/or as smaller audience workshops.

You can also click here for Kevin’s client summary including groups like JetBlue, Anheuser-Busch, FedEx and hundreds of associations such as SHRM, AICPA, ASBO, IIA, MPI and hundreds more who have brought Kevin to speak at their conferences, annual meetings, and various leadership/training events.

American Library Association
Association of Circuses
Cadet Officer Training
Center for Business Excellence
Florida’s Blood Centers
National Radiology Association
Novozymes Biotechnology
Pilot International
Rural Economic Development Center
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Women’s Business Owner Assoc.
American Marketing Association
Association of CPA’s
Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Assoc
City Government Academy
Meeting Planners International
News & Observer
Nussentials Inc.
Retail Merchants Association
Society for Government Meeting Planners
State Employees Credit Union
Workforce Development Association
Anheuser-Busch Companies
Bancorp South
Caterpillar, Inc.
Financial Executives Group
Human Resources Summit
Missouri Assoc for Adult Ed.
North Carolina Executives
Orkin Pest Control
Robert Half International
Society for HR Management
Wake Forest Baptist Medical
XS Inc.

Dr. Snyder’s presentations can be customized to include any of the following topics below:

  • Adapting and leading through change
  • Employee engagement and empowerment
  • Innovation and envisioning new possibility
  • Motivation and high performance
  • Effective communication skills
  • Leadership & goal setting
  • Teamwork & collaboration
  • Creating customer service experiences
  • Generational Leadership/Millennials
  • Developing growth-mindset cultures

"Dear Dr. Snyder! ‘THANK YOU’ again for your keynote speech! Your presentation was PHENOMENAL and it made such an impact! Everyone was inspired and very impressed. Best speaker we’ve ever had — you were truly authentic in your message! THANK YOU!"

Hannah Broward, Director of Student Affairs
Temple University

Kevin’s keynote at our Leadership Academy Conference was a huge success and his 2 sessions were amongst the highest rated. Kevin does a wonderful job connecting to the audience and making them feel inspired with motivation and actionable steps they can apply to drive culture, performance and results!

Dana Perrino
Institute of Internal Auditors North America

Kevin, you delivered the perfect message my staff needed to hear. I couldn’t have asked for a better opening keynote for our convocation event. The seeds you planted for our institution will help our students grow into new possibility.

Edward Randall, Executive Director

You know you have found an incredible speaker when you receive dozens of texts during the actual presentation from audience members asking, ‘Where did you find this guy? He’s phenomenal!’ Kevin’s recent keynote presentation was fantastic and perfectly customized for our group.

Dr. John Harms, President
Western Nebraska Community College
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How to Inspire and Spread Positive Change

Scientist Charles Darwin had it correct when he stated, “The species who survive are those who best adapt to change.” Neither animals, individuals nor organizations can grow without change, so why then do most of us not welcome change … and some even fear it? Dr. Snyder has discovered that people do not fear change – they only fear the uncertainty that change represents. In this engaging and entertaining presentation based on his best-selling book Think Differently, we’ll discover concepts and strategies that will help us inspire and ignite positive change throughout our organization. A guarantee is that participants will think differently about change, be prepared to grow their comfort zone and leave feeling empowered to innovate and ride waves of change! Our organizations can learn quite a bit from Darwin’s finches.

(Content from this presentation is included in Dr. Snyder’s featured TEDx talk which you can view here)


How to Attract, Empower and Retain Rockstars

In this highly interactive, entertaining, and sought-after presentation tailored for managers and senior staff, we will discover best practices, concepts and take-a-way activities on how to inspire extraordinary motivation, empower employees and foster ‘dynamically passionate’ workforce cultures. This motivational program will focus on innovative leadership strategies proven to ignite and impact employee engagement, teamwork, and high performance. If you have ever wondered how and why some people and businesses achieve amazing success despite adversity, then this is the perfect program to understand what maximizes effectiveness and results. This presentation is filled with engagement, take-home exercises, and best-practice content that will inspire a powerful call to action!

Ideal for managers and senior staff  (keynote or workshop)


Lessons from Extraordinary Leaders

Have you ever wondered how and why some people and organizations achieve amazing success despite significant obstacles and challenges? How do they navigate through the maze of success and yet still achieve extraordinary results? What do they do differently to influence others so seamlessly? Be a part of this conversation to learn the stories, leadership secrets and strategies of breakthrough performance! The content shared in this presentation will transform your leadership style and will be focused on top leadership qualities proven to catapult career success and drive high performance. You will leave this presentation with a deeper understanding of what actions are truly most important to maximize any dream or goal.

Ideal for new employees and young professionals  (keynote or workshop)

Unleashing Your Inner E.D.G.E.

Success doesn’t just happen. It results from a strategic approach, consistent small wins and a conditioned mindset – what Dr. Snyder coined The E.D.G.E. FACTOR. Easier said than done, but in any results-rule industry, understanding and applying this philosophy will ensure that professionals outshine, outperform and outlast the competition. This presentation is designed and targeted for professionals who are open to learn new ideas, hungry to apply them, and expecting to reap the benefits that will follow. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten … so it’s time to learn and apply The E.D.G.E. Factor to get more results than ever before.

Ideal for all types of professionals  (keynote or workshop)

Motivating the Multi-Generational Workforce

A new generation of professionals has emerged and officially become the majority workforce demographic. This population known as Generation Y, or Millennials, is changing how human resource professionals, executives and managers foster an organizational culture that attracts, develops, retains, and engages cross-generational employees both now and in the future. Some organizations have caught on quickly and others are struggling. Organizations that understand and embrace the needs and perspectives of Generation Y will not only find success in a more engaged and productive workforce, but also avoid significant costs of rapid employee turnover and disengagement. In this interactive presentation tailored for both Millennial and non-Millennial professionals as audience participants, you will discover empowering best practices, ‘next practices,’ and tangible take-a-ways on how the ‘corporate melting pot’ can leverage unique generational mentalities and expectations. You will learn how the arrival of the most hyper-connected, civic-minded and tech-savvy generation has impacted workplace culture and the way work will continue to get done.

Ideal for all audiences (keynote or workshop)