Ideas to enhance your team’s ATTITUDE!

Whether you’re a team member or the team leader, morale and effectiveness of the team is directly impacted by everyone’s attitude.

Although one sour grape can spoil the whole bunch, one positive attitude can completely alter course and chart a new direction toward peak performance.

Be the positivity where it is desperately needed … don’t expect anyone else to bring it. Be that ripple in the water.  People will notice your energy more than anything else.

Here are some simple ideas:
*  Perhaps you can kick-start or close an upcoming team/staff meeting with a quote to set a tone
*  Use a quote in a presentation that resonates with your message
*  Have a 1-on-1 conversation with someone who you know needs a reminder of how awesome they are

Surely someone in your life needs a positive lift today.  Look below for some ideas on what to share.  Enjoy …

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