Tips to help you boost morale, motivation and engagement

Looking for a creative way to motivate your team, boost morale, or simply add some “spice” to your next meeting?

I’ve time-stamped one of my recent keynote presentations to help you try something new. Simply play or share any of the clip(s) below to help you reinforce what your team needs most right now.

Let my segment set the tone, and then you can follow up by making it relevant for your team. Contact me if I can provide sample questions.

See below for topics and segments. You’ll find the video at the last time-stamp.

0:04 | Don’t Stop Believin’ Opening
Topics: sets the tone for “#1 Determinant of Success!”

1:51 | #1 Determinant of Success!
Topics: maximizing motivation, peak performance strategies, battling burnout

6:00 | Story of J.K. Rowling Most People Don’t Know
Topics: becoming resilient, learning from setbacks and failure

7:55 | How to Grow Despite Adverse Conditions
Topics: how to battle adversity, dealing with challenges, growth mindset

8:43 | Our #1 Competitor
Topics: importance of focus, how to avoid distractions

9:51 | The 4-minute Mile & Roger Bannister
Topics: personal motivation, goal setting, focus

13:43 | Best Motivation Video Ever
Topics: motivation, learning from failure, belief in purpose

17:35 | Beyond Just Showing Up
Topics: next-level motivation, peak performance

18:25 | Lessons from Sign Flippers
Topics: Differentiation, purposeful work

20:19 | Lessons from Bricklayers
Topics: Power of “why”, understanding what we do matters

22:39 | Catching My Fish @ The Pike Place Fish Market
Topics: Innovation, reinvention, team empowerment, differentiation

29:23 | My Signature Story: The Price is Right (Part 1)
Topics: visioning, goal setting, battling through adversity



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