Part #1: Self-motivation strategies during difficult times

Selfmotivation is the internal force that drives us to do things.

The ability to motivate ourselves isn’t just an important skill; it’s also the #1 determinant of success in life, leadership and relationships. It directly impacts everything.

Watch this short clip here at 0:57 where I address self-motivation to my keynote audience and why it is so important…

Did you check your pulse?

Look, we all have to be self-motivated to do what we do. Self-motivation produces results.

What makes self-motivation so difficult is that it’s most needed when it’s most difficult.

Self-motivation drives us to keep going even in the face of set-backs, to seek opportunities despite adversity, and to show commitment to our pursuits.

Adversity doesn’t define us. It reveals us.

In order to be motivated, or motivating, we have to know what motivates us and others.

If you’re in a leadership role right now, people around you need motivation like never before. They need your patience, your empathy, your support, your cheerleading, and your positive attitude. Energy is contagious.

Guess what? We’re ALL in some type of leadership role whether it’s in our work, our families … and in ourselves.

You don’t need a leadership title to be a leader. A phrase I share to my audiences is, “Leadership titles are expectations to lead. We’re all leaders in some way.”

One simple source of my motivation is finding short videos of others doing extraordinary things. Last year I started sharing #FeelGoodFriday videos through my leadership newsletter every other week. The responses and click ratio have been incredible.

The responses I have been receiving prove to me that self-motivation isn’t as difficult as we make it out to be. Often times, our motivation comes from discovering perspective in a challenging situation. Or perhaps finding strength in adverse situations.

In times of stress and anxiety like right now, we need self-motivation more than ever.

I put together a few videos below to help provide a boost for you and help shift your perspective about staying positive and making a difference despite current challenging circumstances.

* A 9-year-old boy from Ireland didn’t let coronavirus precautions stop him from playing music with his grandpa. They sang Queen’s “I Want To Break Free” together – digitally. The boy’s mom filmed the duet and it went viral on Twitter.

* Rita Wilson and husband Tom Hanks are in isolation after testing positive for the novel coronavirus. Both say they are feeling better two weeks after their first symptoms.

* Police in Mallorca were seen playing guitar and singing to entertain families as they remain in a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

* Conan gives a quick tip on how to keep your hands clean AND celebrate St. Patricks’ Day.

* Vietnamese hand-washing song with John Oliver on Last Week Tonight (HBO).A dance studio in Nebraska that had to postpone its competition told its students to stay sharp by teaching their routines to their parents. One little girl got her father, a state trooper, dancing.

Have a “Feel Good” video or story? Share yours with me … send an email to and I’ll include in a future #FeelGoodFriday post!

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